Leading a Double Life.

In life, there is always that person that you get along with very well. You develop a certain level of friendship, you get so lost in it and, forget to really discover who they really are. It could be a co-worker who makes you tea when you least expect it. It could be your neighbor […]

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The Road Taken: Western Uganda.

The Road Taken Kazo, a remote village in Western Uganda takes you back to the self-reliant life of human nature. The communities here are not connected on the national grid of public utilities like water and electricity. Although the people here own mobile phones, they are used mainly for making phone calls and sending messages […]

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Photo Challenge: Path

My path was once like a maze with too many twists and turns, hills and valleys, bright tunnels whose light would die out just as quickly as it appeared. The pathways never had an ending. Once I sat and asked myself whether I should go back and start afresh or continue on this same path […]

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The Woman That She Is.

Tough as leather, she goes through every hardship and burden that comes her way. She is a fighter that never gives up. She is strong and not easily injured. She sleeps after every one else and wakes up before any one does. She prepares a meal for her husband, prepares the children for school and […]

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