The Ugandan Banana Pancakes.

Sweet Dear 5 star hotel, this is what I had in mind when I ordered for pancakes. Pancakes in Uganda are not made out of eggs, milk and flour but rather, plantain (bananas) and plain cassava flour. These pancakes, commonly known as kabalagala are usually found on the streets and local restaurants in Uganda. However, […]

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Growth Life is like ghee. They both have one thing in common, “GROWTH.” To get the best out of ghee, you need to let it grow and mature until it obtains that golden yellowish color. It is usually kept in an airtight dish under room temperature for a few days, before it is prepared or […]

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Leading a Double Life.

In life, there is always that person that you get along with very well. You develop a certain level of friendship, you get so lost in it and, forget to really discover who they really are. It could be a co-worker who makes you tea when you least expect it. It could be your neighbor […]

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