Photo Challenge: Path


My path was once like a maze with too many twists and turns, hills and valleys, bright tunnels whose light would die out just as quickly as it appeared. The pathways never had an ending. Once I sat and asked myself whether I should go back and start afresh or continue on this same path and make the best of it.

I chose the latter. I went through the ups and downs, got beaten and crashed until I felt I had had enough. But when I stood and looked back at how far I had come, the thought of going back was definitely not an option. I pressed on and came out from the other side ten times better than what I was in the beginning.

Life is a journey not a destination. We always tend to focus on the things that don’t work out as planned and we miss the bigger picture. The journey I took gave me lessons to learn, bridges to cross, waters to swim and legs to run the race.

If your childhood dream was to be a doctor and now you’re a business man, make the best of it and enjoy every moment. 

I once dreamt of being a baker but it didn’t happen. I dreamt of being an accountant and that too didn’t come to pass. I also dreamt of being a seamstress, but didn’t pursue it.

Photography is my destiny and although I had paid little attention to it, in my working hard to achieve all the other dreams I unknowingly acquired skills that have made me who I am today.

Make the best of your journey.

via Photo Challenge: Path


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