The Road Taken: Western Uganda.

The Road Taken


Kazo, a remote village in Western Uganda takes you back to the self-reliant life of human nature. The communities here are not connected on the national grid of public utilities like water and electricity. Although the people here own mobile phones, they are used mainly for making phone calls and sending messages but have to walk to the nearest trading center to have them charged.

To survive, this community mainly relies on the sun, moon or a local candle called a tadoba for lighting. They rarely use internet services and have no idea what that is. Access to food is only through farming or tilling the land. To cook food, one has to fetch the firewood from the bushes and water from the wells or streams which at times are miles away.

They get in touch with each other through these activities and other social gatherings like church services or market days. They rely heavily on social interaction to survive and keep communication lines open. They walk or use a bicycle to get from one place to another because they cannot afford cars. This life teaches you the importance of working hard but also teaches you the value of physical social interaction that we have greatly lost to technology.

Although advanced technology has made access to the basics quite easy thus making life comfortable, it has taken away from us the connections we have with our history and culture. As we marvel at the technology, we still need to embrace our history and preserve our culture.


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