Being Green is one thing, maintaining it, is another.

Cattle Keeping

This country Uganda is fertile. You can plant a stone and it grows. Uganda is mainly plateau with a rim of mountains. It’s climate is tropical and generally rainy with two dry seasons.

Unfortunately, we have been experiencing a prolonged drought that has devastated the country. The most affected areas were Isingiro, Teso and some parts of Northern Uganda. Temperature were as high as 32-33C and this is a calamity to human, animal and plant life. Many residents in Isingiro district had to give up their land in exchange for (Posho) to feed their families.

With the rains coming in lately, we are positive that this situation is going to be reversed. However, it’s important for us to devise a new water policy that will recognize the fact that agriculture is the main economic activity in Uganda.

Having other alternatives on cooking fuel such as gas or briquettes to replace charcoal and firewood, will greatly help in saving our forests that are constantly shrinking.

It’s puzzling that a country endowed with so much water sources could face such a calamity.

That being said, Being Green Is Easy, but sometimes, we really need to work hard at it.

It IS Easy Being Green!


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