#helpRosemary car wash

Mayambala FS
Mayambala, stands in front of a car he had just finished washing. He was part of the team that joined hands to raise money to save Rosemary’s life.
Patrick aka Partriko and his team washing one of the many cars that were parked at NTV.
Ambiance club kampala, was one of the companies that brought their cars to be washed.
Bina B
Bina Baby, a radio presenter at Beat fm works tirelessly on this day. #fightagainstcancer.
An expert at car washing, helps reduce on the work load.
CU Hand
Mayambale and Students Mayambala and his classmates. Holy Family Junior School was the only school present.
Mayambala George, a primary four student from Holy Family Junior School,who successfully fought the cancer battle.
Patriko,Joyday and Pablo having a kodak moment.
NTV management receives a contribution from Ange-noir.
Ogutu David, a tv presenter of the GXP gospel show on NTV, tries to figure out where to begin from. I believe he was overwhelmed.

Mayambala Redcar


Patriko shows everyone how it’s done.
Urban tv staff was also present. For some strange reason, they all seemed to be undecided. As in????
Robin and Heard
Robin K and Judith Heard. Clearly, you all get it now right?
Robin K
Robin K brings in an NTV car to be washed.
Urban tv crew has now figured it out. Hehehe…
Okay, enough of the car wash business. This guy’s dreads just blew me away. How on earth does he maintain them?
Water Shutter
That moment when you have the right camera settings.#highspeedphotography.
NTV Ange
NTV management expresses their gratitude after receiving a contribution from Ange-noir.
Mosh, from kagwilawo gets a moment with Kats, a presenter of xposed on NTV.

AngularWide BlackCar    Deception Deception1 Judith Kagwilawo Mugabe S Nadia NTV 3 NTV blackcar NTV Vol Raum UAB275V UAM835E UAM892N UAM892X UAT05Q Wideshot1


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