PHATFEST 2014. Abel Chungu

‘It’s not everyday I want you, don’t mean to sound so harsh, but it’s everyday I need you…….. Eh chitemwiko/ balililapo bonse……………’

This is a line from one of my favorite songs from his collections. Ichitemwiko is a love song, loved and memorized by many. I fell in love with this song with absolutely no clue of who actually composed it. He came to Uganda for his first time (I believe it was  October 2014), performed at Serena, at a concert organised by Pablo a stand Up comedian. This concert was code named #ComedyMeetsMusic. Sadly for me, I got to know towards the end of his performance that Abel Chungu was the man behind this awesome song. ‘How did I miss that? Really? Who does that? I even didn’t carry a camera to capture this moment?’, I thought to myself.

Well, talk about having a second chance, Abel Chungu was later invited to perform at Phatfest, East Africa’s most celebrated gospel concert a month later. When I heard this, I was determined to make the best out of this event. Oh yes, I did get a press tag. Thanks to PowerFm Production Team.

Abel FCU
Abel Chungu gets emotional while performing Ichitemwiko at Phatfest 2014. Ichitemwiko is a love song he composed for his wife.

Abel Chungu, was born in Lusaka Zambia in 1985 to Otema and Georgina Musuka. He was raised in a strong Christian home and, was led to the lord by his mother at the age of four. While studying at RHEMA Bible Training Center, Able spent two years training in the youth Ministry.  It is during this time that  his music ministry steadily started to  grow . Abel’s music has grown over the years and he is well known as one of Zambia’s finest gospel music artists.

Abel MFS
Abel performs Drinks on Me from his album Love unleashed. Phatfest 2014.

Abel is married to Zarina Hassen Musuka who also attended bible school with Rhema Zambia. Blessed with a son, Abel has also won three awards from the Zambian Music Awards. Best R&B Album, Best Gospel Album and Best Male Gospel Artist.

Abel side view
Abel gets on fire while performing ‘We on Fire’. This song, got the crowd all charged up and wild.

Phatfest 2014 was one of my best moments I will forever remember. I am glad  I had the opportunity to capture some of these moments that will forever remain dear to me. The lighting was great, the performances were awesome and the crowd, was so incredible.

Abel with Guitor
Abel finally gets the guitar out. His performance with a great live band just made the whole concert memorable.

Abel surely has a great stage presence that I can hardly describe. His music has seen no boundaries and songs such as Ichitemwiko, Drinks on me, Fire shut up in my bones,Love unleashed, Superman stronger will always play on every radio station across the world, both Christian and non Christian. Abel, you are surely One In a Million.

This concert would have been incomplete if Abel hadn’t performed this song live. ‘One in a Million’ from his album Love unleashed was the third song he performed, featuring Mag 44. #Phatfest 2014

Research Credit: Gospel City Naija and Uganda Gospel Life.


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